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A Horror Show

I had the opportunity to cover a Halloween horror show in Shanghai. No flash guns, no fancy lights, just me and my camera walking around the theatre.

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“Kirin” by Carol Yueh

Designer: Carol Yueh of Raffles Design Institute, Shanghai

Model: Ruby and Masha of Esee

Art Direction: Jeremy Wee

Hair: Patric Purnell

Make up: Melinda Lu




“Geisha” by Yoga

Model: Ruslana and April from Esee

Designer: Yoga from Raffles Design Institute Shanghai

Art Director: Jeremy Wee

Hair: Patric Purnell

Make up: Melinda Lu






Black & White…A Photo shoot

People hire me to take their portraits for personal or corporate uses. To make it more fun, I incorporate my own style to have a glam and edgy feel than the normal portraiture. After a series of Black & White shoot, I decided to share this series to more people.

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Karina and Paradise

Models: Karina and Paradise

Hair Stylist/Accessories: Patric Purnell

Make up artist: Melinda Lu

Patric is one of the senior stylist/trainer for Tony & Guy in Shanghai and is a seasoned stylist/artist/designer. I’ve seen his works from his previous projects and creation and I was more than happy to work with him. The venue was at his amazing apartment in Shanghai too!

Melina works with Patric and she is honing her make up skills and this was a great avenue for her to show off her work!

Paradise and Karina are both professional models so I they just pose away with every click!


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